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MEMOIRs: FAST Spring 2015 Event

Designer Yojiro Kake, vintage Pucci, and fashion photography involving FAST student pieces were featured at the latest event at FLY...Read More


FLYing off the shelves: Michelin Guide

FLY has been featured in the new edition of the Michelin green guide for weekend destinations...Read More


Yojiro Kake Designer Showcase

Florence-based designer Yojiro Kake takes over FLY boutique for the day...Read More


Raw Couture via Turin at FLY

The Fall 2014 final exhibition at FLY featured emegerging designer BATNA who teamed with street artist AK for an evening dedicated to Raw Couture...Read More


Tie Me Up Couture: A Fashion Education

Lauren Fromin investigates the value of getting behind a brand and discovering its true worth...Read More


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