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New Emerging Italian Designers at FLY

Designers 2enty26 and Build Your Bag featured at FLY/FAST exhibition...Read More


Outreach Opportunities:
Fashion Photo Shoot

Hailey Bonczar recounts her fashion shoot experience through her community outreach involvement at FUA...Read More


FUA Visual Merchandising Dresses Up FLY

FLY - Fashion Loves You - has functioned as a community-engaging outlet for fashion students at FUA...Read More


FLY Cited by the Italian Press

Fashion as the ideal association of volumes and colors. Quality as a lifestyle...Read More


FAST & FLY's Spring Liturgy

FUA’s FAST hosted “Le Printemps: A Spring Liturgy,” an event held at FLY to exhibit a collection of spring-themed designs ...Read More


Cross-Campus News

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